Before I Explain These Relaxation Secrets And How They Work, Here's My Short-Version Story:

I was newly married and in my 30's, my husband and I were desperate to have a baby right away. After a year of trying, obsessing over my menstrual cycles (my husband called it "baby fever"), becoming a mother was all I could think about.

We Weren't Getting Results With Infertility Specialists

My obstetrician referred me to an infertility specialist and I was poked, prodded, injected with dye, and finally diagnosed with "unexplained infertility".

The treatment prescribed was a combination of fertility drugs and intrauterine insemination (IUI) which, as you probably know, costs a LOT.

After 4 months of treatment and no results, I became more and more stressed. To make matters worse, I then got an excruciating ovarian cyst which made my menstrual cycles more unpredictable than ever.

I was anxious, moody, angry, depressed, and... obsessed.

I Have A Confession To Make

I've been a certified professional Yoga instructor for 7 years, and a student of yoga for 16 years. During the time in which I was trying to get pregnant, my desire to become a mother became so stressful and all-consuming that I completely ignored my yoga practice.

Essentially, I had lost my ability to effectively relax. Once I became “enlightened” to this fact, I directly combined my efforts to become pregnant with a simple yoga practice. :

Here's What I Started Doing To Decrease Stress And Thus Increase Fertility:

  • I began practicing gentle and restorative styles of Yoga.

  • I sought out specific yoga poses and simple breathing techniques that offered quietude and healing.

  • I increased the success rate of my fertility treatments by practicing specific techniques during the treatments themselves.

  • I used simple visualization techniques that supported my desire to become pregnant and be a mother.





I couldn't believe what happened next (Click to continue...)



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